Thursday, 30 April 2009

Winter is close

The weather is awfully cold. I'm sitting in my big wooly jumper and hanging on to a hot cup of coffee which suddenly seem like the best thing in the world. It's been raining so much, it is not even enjoyable. I'm having a little trouble adjusting my dressing style for cold days! All I can think of is layers, layers and layers. I need inspiration to dress both for the weather and style without looking like I'm trying to hard.

What would you wear?


  1. mm coffee. have you tried chai tea? is the best. or ice cream in your coffee. makes it extra creamy. vanilla ice cream of course. although chocolate ice cream could be nice too.
    in winter i tend to wear stockings and skirts, as you can vary these tremendously. you can also wear socks/leg warmers on top of your stockings. vary the shoes. and jumpers/jackets/tops etc. usually i have a few really warm jackets that i wear constantly in winter. hope that helps. also scarves. i tend to wear a whole heap of dark colours, eg. navy, brown, black, grey, etc. with sometimes a few splashes of bright colour if it matches. gloves and necklaces can be worn too. :)

  2. yes of course, we have to make sure we're kept warm.


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