Monday, 18 May 2009

Thrifting Toyko

Words cannot describe how excited I am about my Tokyo trip in 4 weeks' time. 3 years ago I was lucky enough to visit Tokyo for the first time in my life. Now with all the major attractions out of the way, I can cherry pick the places I want to go. I don't know how I am going to navigate the city all by myself. Hopefully I'll meet some nice people who will go shopping with me!

Just in case I don't get to go to these lovely vintage shops, I'll share these articles I found about them! These are the stores that came up frequently in these articles: Chicago, Hanjiro, Kinji, Thank You Mart.

Whether I'll go to any of the store remains a question. Right now I'd say there is probably 20% chance. Meh, we'll see.


  1. i want to shop there!! everything in the photos looks incredible

  2. I got these images from flickr, can't wait to see the shops in person!


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