Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Who Melbourne?

Did ya know Scott Schuman was in town? I bet all of you did except me. How could I possibly be kept in the dark unless I either had to come all the way from Pluto and my spaceship was running low on fuel, I arrived three days too late or... maybe, I really lived on Pluto. Well, even if I did learn about it and got there.. I'd be too shy to make conversations. You know, only for the sake of being part of it. Maybe a simple hello and photo if he's nice. Then get myself a drink, make myself comfortable and watch. Ahh, I love people watching.

Anyway if you're still wondering who he is.. He is the man behind all the wonderful photos on The Sartorialist. On Sunday, he had an informal party at Cutler & Co Bar in Fitzroy and mainly to do a call casting for a photoshoot with SABA the next day. Work + play, he sure knows life.

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