Monday, 1 June 2009

Clothing exchange for the ladies

"My sister's Wardrobe" - Swap to shop and save your pennies and the planet!

I'd very much like to go to this clothing exchange, but I will be back to Malaysia by then. Sobs. I was very excited at first until i saw the date! Haven't been to any event of such but it sure does look very interesting. And since sharing is caring or so they say, I decided to announce this and let you readers go trade in Barter system. Then y'all can tell me about the goodies earned and details of the night. I think it's a very good idea to be swapping stuffs because one woman's thrash is another woman's treasure. Moreover, we're recycling & helping out with the environment.. !

Admission $18 online/$20 door
6.30pm Monday 29th June
BMW Edge, Federation Square
Cnr Flinders St and Swanston St

Check: Clothing Exchange

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